Anonymous: Do you have tglhe link to the full sex tape (mimis from love & hip hop) 

nah but i googled it and it came up im sure some sight has it… it was on vimeo

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Just saying…

I’m disappointed with the sex tape from the love and hip hop chick.

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mooxy0u: still feeling invincible from your car accident? (from mine a few years ago i didn't feel the whiplash until days later) 

Nah I’m still invincible over here.
Superman type shit.

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adumbrant: What do you do for fun? 

Is that a trick question?
I don’t have fun. I’m boring.

I go out occasionally. I drink. Movies. Party a lot with family. Drink a lot more. Me and my friend go to drunken Trivia nights at hooters. I do karaoke a lot. I travel. Take pictures. Go on tumblr. Eat.

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Ask me questions I’m bored
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I guess I was missed while I was gone.  

I’m back :)

I haven’t been to work in a week and a half. It’s been amazing. I don’t wanna go back but then again I do. I’m sure a lot has changed. I am probably gonna hear a million stories about what happened while I was gone.

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vivalaredd: 😍 


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Anonymous: Your facial hair is back! 

Lol not for long

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